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Selling in a delaership is not an easy job as you have discovered. The idea of another function in the dealership might something to consider. I would think that since you have been in sales that F&I or service writing might a couple of options that you could consider.

Depending upon physical condition and your inclination, being a tech is not a bad thing. (This is where ssicarman, sattech and others will hopefully weigh in). Having turned wrenches myself, I can do it, but I enjoy doing it on my terms and decided that doing it day in and day out was not something that I enjoyed. I still work on cars as a hobby. We keep a couple of Triumphs around as toys, I had been crewing on a GT4 car until recently and am engaged in building another car that will be legal for both SCCA E-Prod and Vintage racing. Now it is more like therapy that doesn't go down on your permanent record.

As for parts, parts is a funny section. The way you make money in parts (or at least it was this way when I was growing up around a dealership) is through long term relationships with outside repair shops and to be paid, at least partially/mostly, on a commission.

Body shops, repair shops and such like consistency in their suppliers and this is usually only built up over time by dealing with folks. They want a track record with someone. Very early on for lack of a better term, I "inherited" a couple of shop accounts when one guy retired from doing British car parts. This guy thought that i did a good job and that I would be able to keep "his shops" happy. By word of mouth as other's retired, moved, or got out of the business for whatever reasons, I was able to pick up others. When I changed dealerships and often even car lines, these shops went with me for the most part. In turn, when I got out of the business, I had someone that I had been training and had been my back up with these accounts. They were now his and still are to this day. So as I say, parts is a bit different.


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