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Understand your issue. My buddy, Steve "Muddy" Sophis just left Saturn of Raleigh to work for Coca Cola. The money's just not dependable when you work on commission and the extensive use of a draw will put you forever in the hole.

I'd like to sell saturns too, but could only do it with another steady income source such as a pension. Sounds ideal for retired military folk.

The negative impression of saturn has been clearly stated to me when I try to pitch them on owning one. they say things like "I wouldn't be caught dead in a Saturn!" My response is that Saturn doesn't yet make hearses.

Seriously, there's an image problem. However, the original idea IMHO was to build a reliable economy car for intelligent customers who detest haggling. That might not be everyone's cup of tea, so saturn remains a niche player.

It may change but it's difficult to revise the customer's original impression of a product or store. For example, although I hear Wal-Mart sells nice jewelry, I'm on the floor when I see the commercial where the bride wants hubby to get her wedding ring at Wal-Mart. Just seems to be a lack of class.

Opec, please stay with us even though you're on to greater glories.

May your new endevors be crowned with success.



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