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Default Re: '93 SL1 Heat and Engine Temp Issues

Originally Posted by jsylvers View Post
This post is a vindication for me. I went to the Saturn dealership and told them that I wanted a price on the sensor and switch and the person behind the counter told me there was only a switch. I after seeing this post called the local AutoZone and asked for a price on the sensor and was quoted one. Should have thought to go there first as I knew I was never going to buy it at the dealership anyway, but I was passing by it on my way home one day so I stopped in. Live and learn I guess.

Yes, up through the 95 model year, there were two sensors. By the way, there is actually no "switch". The ECM uses the signal from it's respecitve sensor. When the coolant temp reaches approximatel 221 degrees F, the ECM sends a signal to the fan relay, which in turn, provides power to the fan. Because there are two separate sensors, it is very possible that the fan may work properly at the correct temp while the gauge indicates somthing totally different, and the opposite is very possible, gauge correct and fan not working.

The other sensor is a uses a single wire and only operates the gauge on the dash and nothing else. From 96 on, there is only one sensor, All signals come from that one sensor and go to the ECM/PCM which in turn controls everything that functions from temp data, including the gauge.

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