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Default Re: '93 SL1 Heat and Engine Temp Issues

Originally Posted by Sky King View Post
Well you have to take into consideration a couple of things. First, this year car has TWO temp sensors. One is for the gauge and the other supplies temp data to the ECM. The other thing is that many people here often panic when the temp gauge comes close to the red (overheat) range. If it is NOT in the red, it is NOT overheated. As long as the fan comes on prior to the temp reaching the red, he is fine.

Again, depending on which temp sensor he changed, he could still have faulty data going to the ECM which can effect the proper operation of the radiator fan. The same can be said about the sensor for the gauge.

However from his initial post, I agree with the concensus about the thermostat. The symptoms are classic stuck open or missing t-stat.
This post is a vindication for me. I went to the Saturn dealership and told them that I wanted a price on the sensor and switch and the person behind the counter told me there was only a switch. I after seeing this post called the local AutoZone and asked for a price on the sensor and was quoted one. Should have thought to go there first as I knew I was never going to buy it at the dealership anyway, but I was passing by it on my way home one day so I stopped in. Live and learn I guess.

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