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Default Re: Epa & Mpg (hwy)???

Originally Posted by darnell89 View Post
Why are all auto-maker making commercials, and adverting EPA of you get ** MPG, and that is only HWY Miles, instead of averaging the City/HWY together? I have never understood that.

Like for example: The 2009 SATURN SKY RL you get 28 MPG, and it's really 19/28, but when average them it doesn't come out to that. What is up with that???

Not everyone drives on the highway!
They prefer advertising the big number because most people will not pay attention enough to make the difference between combined fuel consumption and highway. So only portraying the combined rating means that your competitors can simply show their highway MPG and thus people will believe that their cars are more economic than yours. If people knew enough to check and if they knew what was really good fuel consumption, advertising would be useless. Also note they tend to use the fuel consumption rating for the most economical model, for instance using the manual version's even if only 5% of the cars will be sold with a manual transmission.

The worst case that I know of is in Canada, ads for the Dodge Caliber. Now the Dodge Caliber has decent MPG in the city (24 or 23, whether manual or CVT), that's actually pretty good considering the weight of the vehicle and it's competitive in the compact class. However, its fuel economy on the highway is horrible, 29 in manual form, a low 27 with the CVT, due to bad aerodynamics and probably badly programmed CVT (look at Nissan for well programmed CVT units). Yet in Canada, they use the fuel economy rating of the manual version for the highway in their ads, despite the facts that:

A- Most versions will probably be issued with the CVT (which has highway fuel consumption rating similar to midsize cars with V6s)
B- Everyone who is shopping and takes a care about fuel consumption will notice that the highway rating for the Caliber is far from good when compared with compacts, and even with midsize cars with 4 cylinders (ads which shows fuel consumption rating for both Caliber and Avenger are particularly funny)
C- The rating that is more of a testament to the fuel economy of the Caliber is the city rating, but they won't publicize it because it's lower than the highway rating


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