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BOBC -- thanks for getting back on topic. It sounds like you've got some very good Dealers in your area. Of course, being extra nice to you with regards to the tire replacement may have to do with the potential for catastrophic failure of Firestone tires on hot pavement. (Your in Fla, right?)

But, anyway, I certainly wouldn't expect the loaner from the dealer who didn't sell me the car -- he was the one who flat out said "Nobody gives loaners anymore." I was more concerned with the dealer who DID sell me the car, and who DID say I could get a loaner -- how would his statements hold up when it was time to actually leave my car there.

I've always owned old cars which I was perfectly happy bringing to my local mechanic who was then a 10 minute walk from the subway. This idea of drivining out to New Jersey and then abandoning my transportation is a bit new to me.


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