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Maralboro township, NJ also banned cellphoning while driving, but I thnik it may just be for handheld ones. I think accidents are caused more because people just don't give a S*** anymore. They will see you coming down the road and pull out in front of you anyway. Running red lights all the time. I think people just have this need to be first, to be ahead of you. Like if I am doing 70 on the highway someone will move from behind me to get in front of me and go guess what? 70. They just have to be in front. People know the correct way to drive but choose to be arrogant. The popularity of the big fancy SUV's is all about "I'm bigger and better and more important and I rule the road" BTW the oil cartel just decided to cut production of oil, I could care less if it goes to 2 bucks a gallon as long as it curtails those tanks on our roads. Just had to get all that out.


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