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You want to know what happens when people try to drive and talk on their cel phones? Check this out:

These are the remains of my dearly departed '92 Chevy Cavalier. Allow me to set the scene for you. Easter Sunday last year, my parents are taking me back to school in Indiana and we are on Interstate 80/294 near Chicago Heights, IL. From here through about Michigan City, IN, this has to be one of the most treacherous, congested stretches of highway in this fair nation of ours. We are in the left lane and are slowing down to about 35 mph because of traffic. All of a sudden the Ford F-150 that is behind us, slams into the back of the Cavalier. What happened was a woman semi driver (with a full load) was talking on her cel phone and was not paying attention to her driving. She hit the F-150 going about 45 mph. First of all it was illegal for her to be in the left lane, and the cel phone thing just made it all the more irritating. Fortunately, the little Cavalier was strong enough to allow both my parents and me to walk away with only minor injuries.

The one bright side to all this was what we got financially from the insurance settlement. I think the truck driver's insurance company was glad we weren't going to sue them. I think we did pretty well, though:

I hope the Saturn will be able to do as good a job at protecting me as the Cavalier did should this ever happen again (God forbid). But the incident only went to further my ire against people who do other things while their vehicle is in motion besides drive (I don't limit it to cel phone usage).


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