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Default If you think you've had bad luck...

This post isn't so much of a horror story about a Saturn owning family, but just about how certain people can have some really bad luck. This story revolves around my ex-girlfriend and her family.

They purchased their first Saturn back in 1999 (a green SL2). Within a couple months, they were hit from behind by a cement truck, destroying the car, but only causing minor to moderate injuries to the occupants (my ex, her sister, and her mother). This wasn't bad considering that the wreck happened on busy, 50 mph traffic on 75th Street in Naperville, IL.

After long bouts with their insurance, they decided to replace the '99 with a 2000 SL2, which coincidentally is identical to mine, except that mine has a spoiler and sunroof. But I digress. In the year or so that they've had that 2000, that car has been in the following: 1) a fender bender that cracked the plastic on the front quarter panel, 2) a trading paint case that damaged 2 of the doors, and 3) just yesterday someone backed into their car in the parking lot of a store. Now bear in mind that none of these incidents were the fault of my ex's family and before they bought their first Saturn they had never had any trouble of this nature before.

They say it's the car and once the SL2 is paid off, they're going to buy a Honda (boo!). I say it's just a streak of bad luck that could have happened no matter what car they owned. What do you all think?


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