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Default Re: Surge tank is problematic

Originally Posted by fdryer View Post
Thin or thick, how does that explain coolant leaving out the top of the cap? If the container didn't burst from extreme pressures, its not the tank.

Unless you can show temperatures are well above normal and pressures above normal, you're guessing why coolant is released thru the cap. The coolant cap is just not a cap. It contains pressure and vacuum relief valves. Pressure rating is 15 psi. Vacuum - 1 psi. Presuming a new tank and cap are used, your cooling system may be overheating for one or several reasons.

Reasons for overheating that can create higher operating pressures than normal; worn water pump, blocked coolant passages - engine block, radiator, hoses, heater core, faulty thermostat, faulty coolant sensor.

At the least, where is the temperature needle on the temperature gauge when coolant leaves the container? Do you have a reader to display temps? Is the coolant sensor damaged?
the temperature gauge indicates around 1/4, I bit more, if funny I takes me 30 miles to get to work, when I arrive to the parking lot is when the car starts to leak water

When the car get hot, the plastic reservoir starts to deform, the one I have is not the original and it is more fragile than the original.
I went back to the original reservoir, can you guys recommend a good cap ? the one I got is this one is the type that you can tied all the way


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