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Default Re: Unlocking Theft Deterrent Radio

Originally Posted by jasmart View Post
UPDATE and some clarification. I know the following sequence works for a 2003 Saturn VUE.

Got it unlocked Daughter is happy all good

Here is how I got it

1. Start car turn on radio, hold down 1&2 until you get your scrambled code (mine was 9219)

2. Run the car for an hour, leave radio on until ---- is showing on your radio display.

3. Call 1-888-225-2306, Pick your favorite facility code from this site [tripleW] (I used the Aggieland Saturn, in College Station Texas and it was still active) input in the 4 digit scrambled code you got from your radio (step 1.) Be prepared to write down the new code (s), the digitized voice gave me two code options. So I wrote down both codes. My code was the first one 4712.

4. You the use the left side of the “seek” (left side of radio) button to input the first number, the right side of the same button to input second number.

5. Then move to the “tune” button on the bottom right of the radio and use left side for input third number, the right side of the same button for the input of the fourth number.

6. Once the display shows the correct 4 digit number you received from the phone call (step 3), push the am/fm (small round button, upper left of radio) and you are good to go. If you input the wrong code 3 times it locks it again and you have to wait another hour to get back to the ----.

Good luck, now if I could only figure out how to get her CD changer to work.
I followed the above instructions and was able to unlock my 2000 SL2 radio after a battery change. One thing to note is that the Facility Code mentioned above is inactive. I used 12318 and got that to work.

Good luck!


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