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Wrench Torque Axis Mount (Upper Engine Mount) Replacement

The "Torque Axis Mount" is located on the passenger side TOP of the engine on all "S" series (DOHC and SOHC) cars made from 92'-02'. The 91' SOHC (SL, SL1) DO NOT have this mount. It is a "U" shaped metal/rubber mount secured to the engine with 3 15mm/nuts and to the space frame with 2 15mm/nuts. To change it you will need:

Floor jack with a block of wood or rolled up piece of carpet to act as a "cushion"
15mm DEEP WELL socket and wrench

Proceed as follows.

With a block of wood or carpet padding the floor jacks "pad" to protect the oil pan, place it under the front passenger side portion of the oil pan as close to the frame as possible.

Jack up the engine about 1 INCH (you'll see it move) to relieve pressure on the mount.

Using the 15mm deep well socket, remove the 5 15mm nuts holding the mount to the engine and space frame. (3 engine side, 2 spaceframe side)

Lift UP (yank might be a better word) on the old mount to remove it.

Slide the new mount down over the studs on the engine/frame and reinstall the nuts using the 15mm socket. Torque "should" be 20~25 ft pds BUT do not be overly concerned here, just DON'T wrench down to the extreme and things will be fine.

Lower the jack and remove it from under the car.

Often the studs will unscrew out of the engine instead of the nuts coming off the studs. This can be prevented by spraying the nuts with some "PB Blaster" or similiar penetrating oil the night before you plan on changing the mount. Even if they DO still unscrew with the nuts, you CAN just treat the entire thing as a "bolt" when reinstalling it BUT start it back into the hole in the ALUMINUM cover BY HAND to ensure you don't cross thread it!

If your mount has NEVER been changed, (and even if it has) get the part from SATURN, aftermarket mounts although cheaper, have shown to have fitment and quality issues. A new mount from Saturn "may" (depending on the year of your car) need 3 new studs and 5 new nuts to go with it at an additional expense. GET THEM. They simply unscrew out of the engine cover like long bolts using an adjustable wrench. When installing the new studs (if you do) start them into the holes BY HAND and then tighten them until they bottom (nearly all the lower threads disappear into the hole) DO NOT overtighten the new studs! 20ft pds (snug) is ALL that is required!

For you time and expense, you will be amazed at how much better the car will sound and feel with the engine running.

Old Saturns never die, people KILL them, so check your damn oil!
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