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Default S-Series Swap Guide

I can't claim responsibility for this, as many of you will immediately recognize it. There have been lots of questions about engine swaps, and compatibility, and since the self-destruction of no one has a place to get many of the answers they need. So, in slightly shortened form, I present to you:

S-Series Swap Guide
Updated 3-06-06

Please be aware that this guide is a work in progress. The information contained within this swap guide is believed to be correct but be aware that errors maybe present.

Swap Guide

Intake manifolds and fuel delivery:
91-94 Intake manifolds interchange.
95-98 Intake manifolds interchange.
99-2k Intake manifolds interchange.

91-94 Throttle bodies interchange.
95-98 Throttle bodies interchange.
99-2k Throttle bodies interchange.

91-94 Fuel rails and injectors interchange.
95-97 Fuel rails interchange however the injectors from 95 and earlier years will not work correctly in the 96-97 years. The injectors are the same size they are just of different impedance.

91-94 fuel pressure regulators where non-adjustable.
95-97 fuel pressure regulators where adjustable.

91-94 aluminum fuel rails will not fit 95-97 intake manifolds due to the bolt pattern and fuel lines being plastic.
95-97 plastic fuel rails w/adjustable fuel pressure regulators will not fit the 91-94 intake manifolds due to the bolt pattern and fuel lines being metal.

Also, the ports on the 93-94 are much cleaner than 91-92, though the 92 seemed to have a wider opening on the mouth of the intake ports. The 95 mics out close to the 93-94, though it is reshaped with a shallower curve leading down to the valve surface. The combustion chambers up to 94 are all identical.

Throttle Bodies:
95 AND 96-98 TBís are not interchangeable

95 is different than the rest, however the intake manifold is interchangeable.

91-95 injectors are peak and hold or also known as low impedance.
96-02 are called saturated injectors or also known as high impedance.

set multi-meter to measure resistance.
2-4(ohms) low impedance
4-10(ohms) weird injectors. pretty much only found on old Porsches.
10-14(ohms) high impedance

Cam covers:
The earlier cam covers seal better, as they have more bolts holding them down.

Camshaft Specifications:
*not indicative of all years (1991-1998) but close....*

Int. Centerline 107.25*
Exh. Centerline 107.5*

@.050 specs

Int. Opens -7.5 BTDC Int. closes 27.5 ABDC
Duration @.050 200*

Exh. opens 24.5 BBDC Exh. closes -12 ATDC
Duration @.050 192.5*

@.006 specs

Int. Opens 7 BTDC Int. closes 51 ABDC
Duration @.006 238*

Exh. opens 39 BBDC Exh. closes 7 ATDC
Duration @.006 226*

The '91 DOHC head is a freakshow-leave it alone.
91-94 Heads interchange. (compatible with any year block.)
95-98 Gen2 heads - Linear EGR valve, otherwise compatible with 91-94 heads. Compatible with any year block.
99+ Gen3 Heads are NOT compatible with older heads. Completely redesigned. Compatible with any year block.
2000 (or 1999?) - 2002 Have the roller-rocker design with the small ports.

95 Heads do not interchange with any other year correctly. While yes all the heads up to 99 will interchange physically they will not have proper electronics and egr connections. The 95 head is the first year of the electronic egr valve. And the head has two coolant temp sensors. Now the 91-94 had a vacuum controlled egr valve and also had two coolant temp sensors. The egr mount is completely different between the vacuum and the electronic. Now the 96+ heads also came with the electronic egr valve but they only had one coolant temp sensor due to the fact that 96+ years went to the obd II pcm and only called for one coolant temp sensor.

'91-'94 heads can be adapted to later year engines and use the new style EGR valve if you get the adapter from Saturn that was used on 1994 DOHC cars sold in California, Part#21006753

You can use a '95 DOHC head all the way up to '98 all you have to do is buy one extra temp sender and screw it in the "spare" hole. Alternately, you can install the sender from an Autometer electric coolant temp gauge-it's a direct fit.

91-94 Valves; Flatfaced. Compatible with 91-98 cylinder heads.

95-98 Valves; Dished. Compatible with 91-98 cylinder heads.

91-93 had flat faced valves.
94+ had dished valves.
Now what difference does it make? The 91-93 can be used to raise the compression slightly on the 94+ model years. While the 94+ valves can be used on 91-93 years to lower compression slightly.

Exhaust manifold:
91-92 OEM header is interchangeable for 93-98 DOHC Saturn engines

SOHC are all the same
DOHC switches from 5 to 9 bolt some year 1999?
1992 OEM Header can be used on 1991-199x model DOHCs (the year before they switch to the new bolt pattern).

Oxygen Sensor Bungs:
1991-1993 Smaller Bung = o2 Sensors/Bungs interswappable between these years but not interswappable w/ newer ones
1994-2002 Larger Bung = o2 Sensors/Bungs interswappable between these years but not interswappable with older ones

91-02 blocks are compatible with all years

*1991 - 1993 (midway through '93) blocks contain an oil feed restrictor (looks like a freeze plug with a hole in it) present in the right front oil galley beneath the deck. This should be removed to prevent oil starvation to the head, as the newer headgaskets function as the restrictor.

91-99 blocks interchange externally. Now internally itís a different ball game. The 91-92 had a crank all on its own that will not function correctly in the 93-99 years due to the positioning of the crank position sensor reluctor ring notches. 93-99 cranks are interchangable
'92 to '02 blocks are totally interchangeable. The '00 and up blocks are stronger and all the accessories from previous years fit. Also, the internals from previous years will fit in the '00 and up blocks.

There were 2 dipstick tubes used, not entirely sure when they changed, but 91-92 I know for sure had a dipstick tube that positioned itself away from the block, and I know that my 99 & 2000 have a dipstick tube that hugs the block. The actual dipsticks are the same length so you can use either tube to move the dipstick out of the way of the turbo, or supercharger.

Some people are strengthening their bottom ends by using a 2000+ block girdle. Here's all the parts you need to put a Tie Plate(girdle) on a Pre 2000 Block.

Tie Plate # 21008490
10 Main Bolts #21008491
10 Tie Plate Inserts #21008492
10 Washers #21015091
10 Nuts #11516879
Pick up tube #21008572
Oil Pan #21015428

Also the Tie Plate inserts require a special socket SPX#J44057

1991 - 1998 Rods are the same.
1999 - 2002 Rods are the same.
1999 - 2002 Rods are longer than the 91-98 rods, and have to be used with the 99-02 pistons which have the wrist pin moved up.

The 99-02 rods are 5.863" long vs 5.712" for the 91-98 rods.

91-92 Crankshafts only work with 91-92 PCM's. Avoid at all costs.

93-98 Crankshafts are essentially identical; compatible with any year block.

99-02 Crankshafts were redesigned; heavier. Compatible with any year block.

So 91-93 Pistons + 94-99 valves equal lower compression.
94-99 Pistons with 91-93 vales equal higher compression.
Now with these compression changes they are slight not drastic. It is about a 2-2.5 point change in compression. So do not expect huge gains.

The 91-93 model years came with the lower compression piston than the later years. The way they maintained the 9:5:1 compression was using the flat faced valves. The 91-93 pistons also came with thicker ring lands which is a plus. Now the 94+ years came with a higher compression piston but it also came with thinner ring lands which is not good. The way they maintained the 9:5:1 compression was by using the dished valves to lower the compression down to its 9:5:1 state.

91-94 Pistons; Slight dish, thickest dome of all years. (Yields 9.5:1 compression with 91-94 flatfaced valves) Compatible with 91-98 rods.

1991-1999 = Manufactured by Delco
2000-2002 = Manufactured by Motorolla
1991-1995 = OBD1
1996-2002 = OBD2

91-92 PCMs are grouped together. The wiring harness for them is slightly different (two wire type oil presssure unit). If using a 93+ block the oil pressure unit must be changed in order for the harness to hook-up.
93-94 PCMs are grouped together.
95 PCMs are year specific.
Years after this, I'm not sure.

To be continued...
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