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Default SPS or JG throttle body?

Hi all,
I want to get a larger bore throttle body and the only real choices I know of (other than doing it myself) are SPS and JG. Does anyone have any opinions as to which are better?

After reading SPS's website and talking to JG, this is what I know:

52 mm bore
They give me a new body, I send them mine

53 mm bore
I send them my body, they return it 3 days later with a larger bore

I'm figuring to go with SPS since:
1) the body will be stronger (thicker bore sides by 1mm), although smaller bore by 1 mm so not as powerful a mod
2) I can keep driving my car until I swap them, rather than be stranded
3) I save ~$80

Am I missing something? Does anyone have any negative experience with either, like the 53 mm bore walls breaking during installation?

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