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Default Re: New addition to the family (96 SL2)

Originally Posted by Jonasan308 View Post
At the current moment, the car isnt somewhere i can put it on stands. Last time it died, i could only get it 10% into the driveway onto the grass and onto a hill. No way to safely jack it up.

I had to wait until stores were open to go grab a new multimeter. I tested the volts from the battery, and with the key at On, it read 9-10 volts at the highest, and slowly sank to 0 volts. By then nothing on the car works and the relays are clicking in the dash.

I tried a jump start too so i could move it. The car DID start right up. i could power on all accessories no issue. But take the cables off and it quickly looses power and stalls, no lights.

If i can somehow get it moving up the driveway and on stands, ill measure the volts from the alternator too. Until then, im going to try and swap the battery with another working one.
That sounds like your battery and alternator are both dead, to me. If you have a battery charger, charge the battery. You should then be able to drive the car until the battery gets too low to power everything...plenty far to get it into your driveway.
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