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Default Re: 2002 Saturn SC2 Air Dam

Originally Posted by OldNuc View Post
I do not have one, never had one and have never overheated. The function of the thing is to create a partial vacuum behind the fan so you suck more air through the radiator. This is only going to be effective in stop and go city driving. So, if you do not do much of the stop and go city driving you don't need it. It is supposed to be held on by springs so it does not beak something when you run it over a parking bumper.

Had cars with it, had cars without it. No difference. Cars see highway and NYC so driving conditions varied and still no issues.

The only reason I would leave it is because during EXTREME wet weather situations where you going through large puddles, it protects the engine & its components.

My '02 does not have it and going through a large puddle on the Saw Mill in NY the engine stalled. I THINK if we had this cover we would have been ok.

Then again if we didn't go through the large puddle we also would have been ok haha

We did make it through btw.
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