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Default Re: Bleading Clutch Cylinder System

Bleed Sealed master/slave in-car with no mess!

Originally Posted by 00 SLow View Post
I just finished going through hell chasing clutch problems after blowing a hole in the side of my bellhousing. After seeing lots of useful info about clutch related issues in the forum, I thought posting the directions that came with my new hydro assembly would be a be a useful addition. It's clean, dry, and doesn't require disassembling the slave.

I found it easier to bleed with the whole thing installed, with the slave hanging off the trans.

--- Twist the slave cylinder off the transmission, and point it vertically, with the pushrod facing the ground. With the cap off the reservoir, SLOWLY depress pushrod into the cylinder about an inch while watching the reservoir for bubbles. Repeat process until air bubbles no longer appear, usually about 10 to 15 strokes. With the cap still off, slowly press the pushrod in far enough to reconnect the bands on the retaining strap, if not already broken. Reinstall slave and replace the cap. Using short quick strokes, press the clutch pedal 20 to 30 times or until pedal is firm. Under normal usage, small anounts of air remaining will purge itself from the system. ---
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