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Default Re: 2006 Vue Bcm (body Control Module) Failure

JD, u seemed to have bad luck all around, with ur L, VTi Vue, ur '06 and the retailer dealt with. It's unfortunate that u went thru all that mess, but what really gets me is the '06 crapping out like what, 4 BCMs in the course of 19,000 miles? Surely something had to cause that. Everyone including myself that i know who own newer Vues haven't had any trouble at all with this. Perhaps a certain few had bad computers, harnesses, or wiring does seem to be a rare thing in the newer Vues but i don't know about the '02 and '03 models.mine was built in January 2006, only a few days before i bought it (it came right off the truck when i got it and the retailer didn't even have time to do anything to it) and i haven't had any sort of problem. i only go to the retailer for oil changes.

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