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2006 VUE 3.5L
Default Re: 2006 Vue Bcm (body Control Module) Failure

It is doubtful that the 'pulled the plug to reset' is going to fix your BCM problem.

I just pulled out my old service records (yes, I kept everything).

On 5/23/06 my Vue was brought in for a non functional dash and On-star device (no lights no speedo, no On-star). The repair ticket states "reset VCIM, removed all connectors to inspect terminals & terminal tightness, all ok.

On 6/16/06 my Vue was flatbedded back to the dealer not running. The repair ticket lists the following touble codes: Confirmed Codes U2108,UU0140, U0121, U2100, U0073. Internal BCM Failure. Replaced BCM and reprogrammed.

On 7/31/06 my Vue was again flatbedded back to the dealer not running. The repair ticket lists the following: Confirmed multiple codes in BCM. U0073, U2105, U2106, U2108,U1000, U2100. Replaced BCM and Reprogram.

ON 9/12/06 it was again flatbedded back the the dealer, again not running. The repair ticket states: Confirmed multiple codes stored in PCM, U0121... in BCM U2108. IN ABS Module U2100... Lost Communication with ECM. No Comm bus. Performed diagnostics. traced to open in ABS control module. Replaced module. Road test revealed no change. Confirmed previous codes. Replaced 64-way firewall wiring harness. Roadtest vehicle. Test OK.

If you look at your failures, you are trapping the same trouble codes as I was. (U0073, U0121). These same codes kept resurfacing inspite of the 'reset' fix AND multiple BCM replacements. If you read the last repair history, they still couldn't nail down the cause of the failure and were into replacing wiring harnesses.

I've got a bad feeling that you're going to be towed back to your dealer sooner rather than later.

I'm curious what your milage is? Is your Vue AWD or FWD? I want to see if there is a pattern here......


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