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Default Re: Can I replace BCM myself?

You can install the BCM yourself but you cannot program it correctly. The BCM needs to be programmed for your vehicles installed options (1 or 2 relay cooling fan system, mileage, fog lights, PDL, etc.). You will also need a scan tool to program the remote key fobs.

Most importantly, the mileage needs to be programmed. Once the mileage is programmed into the BCM, it cannot be changed.

The used BCM you bought will always count up from the mileage it has in memory and the options may or may not match that of your vehicle.

Pay for a new BCM and have it installed and programmed correctly. If the incorrect mileage is the only sign of BCM failure, you can wait until you have the money. Just make note of the actual mileage so when you have it reprogramed it is not that far off of the actual mileage.

Just FYI, your alarm may go off in the middle of the night, random horn honking, lights flashing, no start w/ security light, etc., etc.

Bad BCMs are funny. Anyway, you cannot do it correctly without the correct computer, software or a Tech 2. I would not install a used BCM, if I were you.


I just remembered that getting access to the Vue's BCM is rather easy (remove window switch bezel, radio trim bezel and radio) but actually detaching the BCM from the car can be a PITA unless you know how. It's still a little bit of a PITA even when you know how). Also, you have no idea if the used BCM is bad. Neither do the people that yanked it.

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