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1994 SC2
Default '92 SL2 window sticker

When I was poking around the junk yard today, one of the Saturns there still had its original window sticker sitting inside it, hanging out underneath the seat. I grabbed it just because, you never know when someone might want something like that.

Since it's the wrong year/model for my car, I thought I'd see if someone here wanted it. If you do, PM me and I will mail it to you.

It's for a '92 SL2 Manual. It's not in pristine condition by any means, but is still completely readable. Has a couple stains on it.

This particular SL2 Manual had "SL Package A" (air conditioning) and the following options: Rear Spoiler, Cruise Control, Special Alloy Wheels,and AM/FM Stereo with Cassette. The color was Blue Black exterior (single tone) with SL2 Grey Cloth interior. Price before options $10595. Price after options and deliver $12405.

I will mail this for free to anyone who wants it.
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