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Default Re: Change oil interval article---again

Originally Posted by JerryHughes View Post

I only posted this because it does say that "older" models, like my 97 SL, do need to change oil at the 3K period. Newer cars don't but I'll stick to the 3K for my older Saturn.
who ever wrote this article on oil changes does not now what there talking
about the part thats real B.S. to me is it goes on to say thanks to better
lubricants and tighter tolerances the 3.000 mile oil change does not apply.
to many cars on the road and it goes on to mention that a BMW 3 series
under ideal conditions can go 15,000 miles before needing an oil change

Ouch.! that one sent shivers up my spine! who can drive under ideal conditions? the truth is there are no ideal conditions. we all drive under sever conditions. ex: stop and go ,idiling in traffic ,high speed driving more than 70 miles an hour all fall in sever conditions i use mineral oil and change it at 3,000 miles am i waisting money and oil no. if Your running synthetic you can

go 5,000 miles i wouldent go anymore obviously who wrote this article is probably not A well enough educated and B is not a engineer because if You show this to any good tecntion they will Laugh Out Loud and over LOL! it just
does not make any sense from a Longevity point of View.

" Any man that doesen"t share his knowledge in cars is wrong to do !"


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