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Default Re: Change oil interval article---again

Originally Posted by dbetz View Post
Here in the US, cars are much more of a "throw-away" item, and I can see why people don't care as much about keeping them in shape. "Buy new every two" and who cares about whether or not you took care of it.
Europeans pay more for their cars and yet they keep them longer and do less 'oil maintenance'. What does that tell you? The oil companies have just done a better job of 'conditioning' Americans to think that they need those oil changes. Just like they had them mostly convinced that it is the American dream to own a house and that you 'can't go wrong by buying a house.'

Do your homework - choose wisely. I've read about people who neglect oil changes and still their cars last a long time. Others take care of their cars meticulously and their cars either break down or, worse, get totaled in an accident. My biggest concern isn't proper maintenance - it is with the idiot texting and driving (or putting on their make up).

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