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Default Re: "S" Series RKE Remote and Option Programing

Somehow I think that I shorted the RKE & security system. I was trying to reprogram the RKE and I accidentally brushed the paperclip against one of the other pinson the OBDII port and shorted something. The RKE transmitter, and power locks don't work and the car won't start. Everything else with the car seems to be working. lights, radio, etc...

I remember there was a way to jumper the ins in the OBD2 port and the Check Engine Light would flash the code. Which pins should I jumper? Is there any way to test and see what's damaged via the OBD2 port??

I'm hoping that whatever I shorted was fused. I don't have a Saturn '97 SW1 fuse diagram & can't seem to locate which fuse protects the RKE or car security system or rke. AS per you video I reoved the saturn back seat and side panels and I can see the RKE unit. Is there a fuse there that protects the RKE. Any ideas?


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