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Default Re: Should I get my Aura fixed or look for a new car?

Originally Posted by jimmyfloyd View Post
THe labor will add up quickly, and so will replacing parts that aren't the source of the issue.

You dont mention if you have the 2.4L or the 3.5L in your XE. Each has it's own set of issue, and the 3.5L is the only one I am familiar with.

With the 3.5L, the water pump, if leaking is why they believe it needs to be replaced, may be the coolent crossover pipe gasket failing. I had to do one on mine. It's involved to do, but not hard. Some mechanics diagnose a bas water pump or leaking head gaskets when this is actually the cause.

With the power steering, if you have replaced the pump, the line would be the other part that might have an issue. There was a TSB about the rubber part getting too close to the exhaust and causing it to leak.

For the struts and shocks, as stated, those are at about their service interval. I just purchased the parts to replace on my G6 for about $300-400 is parts. I am able to do them myself. I was also quoted about $100 a corner to have my local Monro Muffler and Brake swap out parts I provided. So it would come to about $800-1000 if I paid to have it done. Shopping around can help, just remember that some shops won't install/warranty customer supplied parts.
Thank you, that was all really helpful. I have the 3.5L V6, which I've heard is the better engine, reliability wise, of the two. I'll look into crossover pipe gasket.

Oh, I did forget to say, my car is making a bit of a whining noise when the engine is on. I think the mechanic who first looked at it said it could be because the water pump is failing. Would fixing a possible gasket leak, fix that issue?
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