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Dazed Re: Saturn P0410 issues

Originally Posted by nub_mechanic View Post
I've followed through that video many times over. For some reason, the pump never turns on. Old one didn't, even though I hooked it right up to the battery and it ran (I hear this isn't a reliable test). The new one worked on one startup and now it doesn't after testing on a random cold start. I'm starting to think now it might be the ground wire, but i'm not exactly sure which one everyone is talking about.
My 1999 saturn sl2 has a air diverter valve and my secondary air blower would not come on until I replaced it. In fact I didn't even get voltage at the blower in the first 30 seconds. I tested the hot wire to the relay at the underhood fuse box and had continuity and had power and switched power to the relay associated with the blower. The ground at the blower feed I assume goes to the pcm and has no continuity that I know of back to the under hood relay. My electrical schematic showed the ground hooking to pin 70 at the pcm. Hope this helps. The body of the diverter is orange with 2 wires hooked to it. It is a dealer item. Don't try to get it at an auto parts store.


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