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Default Re: 97 SC2 (No ABS) Brake Pedal goes to the floor

Although I don't ever recommend pressure bleeders, I'm going to assume that you have indeed bled all air from the system. Based on that assumption, here's what you need to do. Pull up your parking brake lever.
Count the number of "clicks"
If You have more than 5 clicks, your rear shoes are out of adjustment.
Proper adjustment of the rear shoes (assuming you've installed them correctly)
depends of the drum being free of any rusty outer lip.
If there is this lip, take some 40 grit sandpaper (Or whichever method the next 4 people will suggest) to clean the surface.
Now you can adjust the shoes, then put the drum back on.
Adjust until you have a slight drag, not hard to turn.
Hope that helps.

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