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Default Re: XE Rear Doors - Wiring

That sounds painful. Glad you have the lock working which is the most critical of the systems. I just leave the rear window closed and speaker off.

Did you check all the fuses?

I see in David R's photo below, he has a lot of wire cracking at the rectangular connector. Did you check/replace wires to that point?

There is a fair chance the pick and pull harness had broken wires also that intermittently work and are cracked inside the insulation in several places.

Also check all the male and female pins both visually and with multimeter. It is possible several female pins are overbent so need to be tightened.

Double check your rewiring colors are all correct. An Astra owner made that same mistake last month and swapped two wires for perfect operation.

At the connector end, I would quickly check continuity for all grounds to body. Then check power with multimeter. Wiggle the wires a bit to see if any change readings.

I don't see the window or speaker breaking on these. You could test them insitu for fun. The speaker will show some resistance. I can't remember if the window switch is just on-off or some fancy scheme.

Alternatively, you could remove door panel and check wiring. The door panel comes off easily but a bunch of plastic tabs fell off my front door and I had to epoxy them back together so that took more time than expected. I wouldn't bother doing this as the wiring harness seems to be the typical issue.


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