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Default Re: Changing a Front Hub/Bearing on an S-Series (with pictures)

So, I'm seeing the Pictures just fine.

I am so very thankful for the time you took to make the post as I've just removed my hubs/knuckle and have dropped them off at the local shop to have them pressed apart and the bearings pressed in.

And regarding post #20, the pickle fork worked perfectly and easily. No damage to the boots on the ball joint, either.

One question I do have, is, what are the torque specs for putting it back together?
  • 2 18 mm castle nuts for the upper and lower ball joints
  • 2 19mm (or are these 21?--I can't remember now )bolts holding steering knuckle to strut
  • 2 18 mm bolts holding caliper housing to the knuckle
  • 2 14 mm bolts holding the caliper
  • 1 30 mm nut holding the hub onto the spindle/shaft

Again thank you for this.
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