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Default Re: 2007 Saturn Vue Greenline AC

I truly appreciate your very informative responses to my questions. My father (gone some 11 years) was an auto mechanic and taught me from the age of 5. I truly miss his knowledge and oversight.

That being said, I agree with your eBay assessment. I have successfully purchased a replacement wiring harness for the Vue lift gate (three or four wires broke due to excess tension opening and closing the lift gate). Part of the difficulty I'm finding is the many vendors (even auto parts stores) list parts for the 2008 Greenline as also fitting the 2007 Greenline ... which often isn't the case.

Fortunately, my "normal" service shop is aware of my level of expertise and will talk with me about much of this stuff. They are also more than willing to install parts that I have procured ... allowing me to pay for their expertise. I haven't had the opportunity to fully discuss this AC issue with them ... other than to determine they're reman compressor is over $400 ... and I don't think that includes the drier (as you adamantly suggested be replaced).

I've seen many other reports (including on these forums) of the 2007 Vue Greenline having this exact problem ... the AC compressor clutch plate falls off. They have indicated that the compressor clutch plate is a press fit, not bolted on. So, I wonder if your suggestion to use spacers/washers and a bolt to keep the pulley on will really work.

Obviously, I'll have to stop and chat with my mechanic on Monday and see if he sees some way out of this without either hundreds of dollars replacing the compressor and drier or ripping out all the AC parts.

Regardless, I owe you thanks ... and thanks is what I give you.


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