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Default Re: Saturn S-series inner door panel and rods

If you lock the doors with the FOB and try to unlock them with the key then you will set the alarm off and if you wait too long enable the ignition kill (fuel pump disabled). You have to lock the doors without using the FOB to be able to unlock with the key without tripping the security. If you do trip the alarm put the key in the ignition right away and start the car to prevent the system from enabling the lockout. There is a time delay window.

Security can be disabled by selecting the right programming option for your RKE (FOBs). There are instructions readily available on-line to do it yourself (programming a FOB) and it may even be in your owners manual. Below are the options available; I think you'd want #2.

Quote: horn enabled..alarm enabled..ign kill enabled enabled..alarm enabled..ign kill disabled enabled..alarm disabled..ign kill disabled enabled..alarm enabled..ign kill enabled.
5..passive..horn enabled..alarm enabled..ign kill disabled
6..passive..horn enabled..alarm enabled..ign kill enabled horn sound.. all parts of security system disabled.. Will just lock and unlock vehicle
Regarding the rods, there is no trick. You access them by removing the interior door handle bezel (one screw). Each rod has a retaining clip that you rotate off the rod and the rod pulls out of the hole. To get them back in you just have to do your best to get them into the hole and snap the retaining clip back into place by rotating it. Agreed, it is a PIA.

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