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Default Re: '01 Speed Chip and Speed Boost? (from eBay)

# 1 he is not a kid. He graduated HS in 2005 so he is 19-21. I know to you that might be young but do not try to act like I am posting pictures of a juvenille.

# 2 did you watch that video? He talks about how cool it is that he can boss around servents and how he was supposedly hired by a "Hacking" company. Sounds like a real winner to me.

# 3 he listed the same car on craigslist but has since removed it for $16k.

Please get off your high horse. This guy made several statements on his ebay add that, in all likely hood, are completely false. I did nothing more than go to the site listed under the auction, go to the lower directory (which this genius computer guy does not restrict from viewing the files in it) and found some pictures HE put on there. I did not sneak to his house and take pictures of him without his knowledge and post them on the internet. HE put them on an unrestricted site.
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