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2001 SC2
Default Re: '01 Speed Chip and Speed Boost? (from eBay)

*****, after seeing that I need to sell my SC2. If I could get $12K for it I would. Anyone interested? It is a 2001 with just about every bolton. It is an ironed out autocross car and wins regularly in STS competition. It has 80K miles on it, 500 miles on the Agility Coilovers. 3K miles o nthe OEM replacement clutch. Way too many mods to list them all. It includes 3 sets of rims are tires and lots of spares and uninstalled upgrades. It has never been on girls gone wild, but there have been boobs pressed against its windows.

If I can sell it I'd buy an MR-2 Spyder and pocket the difference.

Oh wait I'm pretty sure my sponsoer would be upswet if I sold the car since I signed up with them for the whole year. Ok so it can be up for sale in December 2008.
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