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Default Re: The Bottom Line, final opinion on buying an SC2

hi illuminata, here's my 2cents. i have a '92 SL1, 204,000 mi. and a '95 SL1, 120,000 mi. the head cracked on the '95 (a common prob for that year single cams only) and i replaced it. i love my '92 so much i just bought a '94 SC2, a little more horsepower=fun. i do maintain the cars, but no more than any other car i've ever owned. i think it's a great car, espcially the '95s and earlier, very good mpg's good handling, etc etc. that being said i think the mazda is a good car also but i can't say from experience how one that old holds up. good luck! by the way do you have any pics? not the car, hehe
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