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Happy Re: timing belt?

yea its a timing chain, but either way you are in deep S**T ...... i had the same problem with my 1997 SC..... they said i was really lucky to be getting it fixed then, or i would have had to get a new engine! so..... all together it cost $500 but they flushed my engine and changed the oil,..... but then agian your is a 93 so it might be more than mine! AND PLUS, if it is your timing chain it would be hard to get it started, the timing of the engine will be off and it will sound off too, and you can hear it coming from the belt area (at least thats how mine was) but if i were you i would go to a shop or a Saturn dealership and get it looked at before it breaks (if it is that) then you would have to get a whole new engine! so GOOD LUCK with all that!

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