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Default Re: timing belt?

If your timing was off you'd be misfiring, running rich\lean, and there would be a lot more problems than it running sluggish, etc.

Start with simplicity and move your way on up the chain. Run some injector cleaner through with your next tank of gas, change your fuel filter, do a tune up, clean up your contacts on your coil packs, reset your ECU... just go through and do the cheap stuff first before you go through and try and do a 200 dollar and two day job. It's just not worth the hassel if it's not going to fix the problem...

By the by- if you're worried your chain jumped teeth... take your cam cover off, take a look at the sprockets for any signs of chipping, bent teeth, etc. A chain jumping teeth will cause some serious damage to the sprockets. Also, take a ruler and check how the cams line up... if the chain has stretched at all and allowed for your car to get out of time, then it'll show by none of the sprocket arms lining up.
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