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Default The Bottom Line, final opinion on buying an SC2

I am about to purchase a used car. Though I can not afford a new car and do not expect to get a new-like car with used-car price, I still believe I can be a satisified buyer. After months of car researching based on my needs and way of life (single lady in new york city, no children, minimal to average driving on weekends only, once every 2 month 3-4 hour long distance journey, i'm not a speeder, can afford basic standard maintenance on a car but not extra luxuries) I narrowed the choices to the Mazda MX6 '95, the Mitsubishi Eclipse '95, and the Saturn SC2 '95-'97. After even more in depth research the Eclipse was bumped off the list and I'm leaning heavily towards the SC2. HOwever, after even MORE in-depth research I have found quite subtansial contradictions from peoples reviews. the biggest contradiction that I am at odds with is mechanical problems. It seems to be either the SC2 is inexpensive but will leave me going to the mechanic every other week (for the engine light that stays on, the seat belt sticking, transmission problems, and a problem with some pump that regulates the temperature) or it's a reliable car with few problems.
Since this site is extremely thorough and people actually seem to REALLY know what they're talking about, can i just get a simple, bottom line, answer on the SC2 and if it's recommened under my circumstances. and yes, i know this is a saturn FANS site, but pointing out the cons will not necessarily keep me from getting the car. thanks!
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