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Default Re: How can 2019 cars be as good as my SW2?

Originally Posted by 98_Gold_Uranus View Post
Advances in manufacturing processes and material selection has driven cost down a little too when you try to compare apples to apples. An AM/FM/CD player could have been a premium option in 1996 that tacked an extra $300 to the MSRP, but nowadays it seems like every base model comes with an AM/HD-FM/CD/USB/AUX-in/Bluetooth/XM/footwarmer/makesyoubreakfast radio as standard equipment.

Plus cars are just built cheaper than they use to be as well... there's plenty of exceptions to this statement, and I would honestly say that statement holds more true to cars built from the late 70's to the late 80's, but in general it seems like most vehicles 20-30 years ago were built to last a while. Vehicles rolling off assembly lines today are just built like disposable appliances... in the hundreds of thousands, with the cheapest materials that can be sourced, and assembled by the lowest bidder...

That's just my professional opinion after working in a salvage yard for the last 9 years, dealing with various makes and models from the late 80's to the most current 2020 models...
Re-read the bold portion, as that statement hits the proverbial nail on its proverbial head.
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