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the reason the premixed antifreeze costs more to change your fluid, is the same reason a gallon of spring water or distilled water is not free.

It cost just as much to ship a gallon of water and put it on a store shelf as it does to ship and shelf a gallon of pure antifreeze. You are paying for the convenience of being able to pour it right in your car.

On motorcycle forums there is a lot of debate on how E10 affects your mpgs. Some people think putting 10% alcohol in the gas reduces your mpgs by 15%. That is crazy, that would mean not only is the alcohol not giving you any energy, its using up some of the energy from the 90% gas to burn the alcohol.

After reading those comments for a while I put it to the test. I have a yamaha 650 Vtwin that normally gets 58 to 60mpg. I found a local station that sell ethanol free regular gas, ran the gas tank down till it only had 8 ounces of gas left, filled it up and....

well... the bike seemed to have a little better response on the throttle. It felt like it had more power, totally a subjective feel. I ran it nearly 250 miles, pulled into the station nearly on fumes after a week... filled it up... and I had gotten 59mpgs - exactly the same as running E10. did this twice and got the same results.

To be fair, my motorcycles have carbs, they are not fuel injected, so nothing is trying to self adjust to get an ideal O2 level in the exhaust sensor. I guess that makes sense, the jets in the carbs dont know what the fuel is, you twist the throttle and it pulls the same amount of gas in.

So if anything, running ethanol free gas the mixture was maybe a little bit richer. But the bike was setup at the factory to run on E10. Maybe it was a little more responsive running a little bit rich... but it did not show up at the pump, same mpgs, and the ethanol fuel was 25 cents more per gallon

maybe I got to ride 5 to 10mph faster and accelerate a bit faster that week, while getting the same overall mpg performance...

so that was the end of that: I put E10 in my motorcycles still.

And for the record, I would never run E15 - the bikes are not designed for it.
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