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Originally Posted by fdryer View Post
If I'm not mistaken, winter gasoline is formulated to lower vapor pressure in cold temperatures for easier combustion. The change from summer to winter gasoline occurs to all 48 states with 14 states using lower RVP gasoline;

Anyone can replace their antifreeze any time. Radiators still have a drain valve while the coolant container cap is left off. Pulling the lower radiator hose is still the alternative to the radiator petcock.
I used to use the 85 Knock rating out west with no issues, I don't remember winter formulations at the time this being 20-25 some years ago.

Just was easier to swap coolant, & give the system a good flush out with a T which can't be installed on most of todays vehicles. I had this down to a 20-30 minute operation 9doing a diligent job), on the Vue I paid Take-5 $55 to put god knows what in there, as I don't believe they flushed out the bottle it still looks like dex in there, though I know they did it as I had to run the heater on full & it lost all heat for a while during the exchange.

Originally Posted by onefunkar View Post
Just remember it gets a nickel or dime a gallon less mileage so it all equals out. Also your car designed for up to 10 percent ethanol.
True a wash though the Stations that sell it claim it can be used in 2001's or newer, though, in all fairness, some vehicles cant take certain formulations, my brothers Mitsubishi could not take Sunocos 86 economy option (though at the time Mitsubishi's were not being sold on Planet Ohth). requiring the system to be blown out.

I asked because I occasionally run a half tank of it, though it may clean the system out.

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