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You are saying diluted gasoline with on higher point in octane (88), would think this would be cleaner for the engine & correct I noted my mileage has dropped into the low 16's, though never had fantastic mileage in winter months anyway plus we have special winter formulations starting in November - May here & the car being another year older.

I never understood the premix Prestone (or any coolant for that matter), though now with the sealed systems, disables the inept (such as me) from flushing the coolant systems which I had always done on my vehicles in the past.

We run on the planet Ohth in the winter months @ up to 10% ethanol & E-15, id "up to" 15% so the points may be only negligable in the winter months anyway.

Winter gas formulations... most of you folks will not know anything about though, it's mandated here.
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