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Default Re: 2003 Ion 2.2 ecotec removal

Originally Posted by ryan_lind View Post
I have a 2003 saturn ion with a 2.2 and a manual transmission. The engine is shot and I want to replace it. I read a haynes repair manual and it says that the engine and transmission have to be pulled out together. It also says that they have to be pulled out under the car not through the top. I was wondering if there is any way to pull the engine out through top by itself or do I have to pull it out the bottom. How difficult is it to swap it out and is there any thing special I need to know before attempting this.
The Engine is designed to come out the bottom and it really is not that difficult. I found a video, but I can't remember where. I think it was youtube or by a member of the forums.
so you need to be able to get the car up high enough and when you are disconnecting cables, hoses etc, be sure to mark everything.

one way is to get the car up high enough and start disconnecting everything except the mounting bolts for the cradle.
have some kind of cart that will take the weight. Lower the car until the cradle is on the cart. finish disconnecting and raise the car. SLOWLY! Watch for any interference or missed cables etc. Does not really take too long.
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