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Default Re: Thoughts on opening an "Independent Saturn Dealer"

Specialize in one and take other GM brands. Like Pontiac or Olds.

There are old car guys who specialize in one brand: Studebaker, Nash, AMC, Kaiser. And when parts run out or become unavailable, who will be there to do a repro run for your customers ? You will. Investigate how it's done in the old car hobby.

And if anyone is skeptical about Saturns ever becoming "collectible", be aware that a K Car club has started in L.A. and many 25 year old cars are starting to appear at old car shows. You will be in a unique position to supply knowledge parts and service.

I have been chasing parts for my 63 Valiant for many years now and have been happy to find a lot of them being reproduced.

Just remember: an honest and competent mechanic who does more than just throw parts at a problem, will have more business than he can handle
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