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Default Thoughts on opening an "Independent Saturn Dealer"

Back in December in 2005, I started a thread discussing my dream of opening a independently owned pre-owned Saturn Dealer. I wanted to copy the business concept of a local pre-owned Honda dealer. I wanted to specialized in the sales and service or pre-owned Saturn products.

I had planned to call it "The Planet" or something as equally
catchy. I would of course specialize in Saturn's from 2-3 old program
returns to gently used “1991 classics”. Select inventory will be source
from reputable auctions and or private sales and trade-ins. I would have
utilized similar sales tactics as the real Saturn and sell inventory at a fair market value to consumers. I would have hired former Saturn techs to work in the service
department and body shop.

A lot of changes had happen since December 2005, from old the Ion being dropped and new models such as the Astra and Outlook being brought out, and of course GM literally killing off Saturn for good.

So flash forward to 2009, how many of you would think a venture like this would be a success or not?
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