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Default Re: ginger root tablets/coolant change

The active ingredient to stop corrosion in DexCool is an organic acid called Ethyl Hexanoic Acid, EHA, (OK they use either the sodium or potassium salt of the acid).
I can't imaging ginger root to not react with the EHA. And unlike the old style antifreeze with Silica to passivate the metal, the EHA forms a soapy covering over any corrosion. If the EHA were to interact with the ginger root it would most likely form a clump and clog something in your cooling system.
If your block isn't leaking coolant, I wouldn't try to fix a non existent problem.
And for anyone who thinks that GM checks everything for compatibility, it was the DexCool coolant that led to the end of production of the 4.3 liter engine. The EHA is also a plasticizer, like Armor-All it, keeps plastics soft. Unfortunately for owners of the 4.3 liter engine the intake manifold gasket got very soft from DexCool and leaked.
Don't forget to use distilled water or pre-diluted DexCool. Too many ions in tap water for the EHA to react with.
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