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Default Re: ginger root tablets/coolant change

Originally Posted by KLS1P View Post
Please, will someone explain "seal up any tiny leak like in a porous block". I have never seen a porous block, yet alone a block seeping coolant in places other than gaskets, plugs, etc. Sounds like a snake oil treatment to satisfy the customer and get them on their way.
GM for a while had issues with porous castings. A porous casting is where air is not evacuated from the metal poured in the casting. The tiny amounts of trapped air cause fluid leaks. It is sometimes referred to as metal or block porosity. I know the Corvette had some issues with porous castings in the 1990's causing oil leaks. Some of the GM 3.1l (not the 3100) v6 has porous lower intake manifolds. I remember my parents had this exact issue with their 1989 Buick Century. It was fixed under warranty IIRC. I know GM issued a bunch of stop gaps to get the cars out of the warranty period. The ginger root might be one of them.

GM is not the only one that has had porous castings. My 2007 Yamaha FZ6 had a porous head casting that leaked coolant from the middle of the head! It was fixed under warranty.
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