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Wrench Re: ginger root tablets/coolant change

Originally Posted by SaturnTech122 View Post
i am a certified saturn mechanic and can say gm in general does not reccommend any type of stop leak for any car system...
The GM Shop Manuals for my 1995 Chevrolet Lumina detail out the "ginger root" tablet. They give the part number and everything if I recall. They are only available at the stealership. I had never heard of them until that time. I did eventually find a thread explaining that they were added with a machine on the assembly line. GM uses a tablet because, it is easier. You can buy the ginger root as a power in most stores under some name that I cannot recall. It is with the stop leak stuff.

Of course the Lumina had the 3.1L Dex cool head gasket failure and recall. So perhaps the ginger root was preventative to get the car to the other side of the warranty. Then it was your problem to replace the head gaskets. I think this is good accounting more than good engineering.

I do not have shop manuals for my Saturn.
It has Dex cool.
I have not read about gasket failures on ECO's.
SO perhaps the tablets are not required...

The dipstick for the 710 fluid says "ADD"...Where do you buy 710 fluid ?
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