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Default Re: Is the 'new' Saturn affordable? In a word, no.

Originally Posted by davidsky View Post
You drove a Yaris (3?) you haven't owned one, there's a difference.

4% inflation would put it at around $15600, about the same price as a base Focus, still $1000-$1500 less than the Astra
Even that is too much, I'd go with the Nissan Versa for under $14500
Uh, I think you missed the point. I don't own a Yaris because I drove them. They're small, slow, and ride like crap. I don't need to own one to know that.

A base Focus doesn't compare in any way with a base Astra.

The Versa? LOL. I drove one just out of curiosity. Friggin things look like mini mini-vans, especially with those tiny rims. Two words: Clown car In that class (Fit, Matrix, Versa, Vibe, etc) there's only 1 decent car and that is the Mazda3.
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