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2008 AURA XE
Default Re: Is the 'new' Saturn affordable? In a word, no.


Kooler King - Please explain to me how an Aura - priced near $7K MSRP higher - sells for the same or below an Astra. We're not talking a deal on a demo or some special circumstance. I'm talking MSRP vs. MSRP. Saturn's own site says there's a $6900 difference. A $2K rebate doesn't bridge that gap. QUOTE]

I couldn't comment on the price of a 2009 Aura vs. a leftover 2008 Astra. However, before they raised the price of the 2009s (and probably have since lowered the price of the 2008 Astras), in the summer of 2008, by the time you added the automatic transmission, and several option packages to the Astra to make it "equivalent" to a base model Aura XE, there was not that much gap in sticker price between the two vehicles. Additionally, the GMS discount % on an Aura is larger than on the Astra, throw in a $2000 rebate on an Aura XE with $0 available for the Astra, then the Astra makes no economic sense.

Sure, if you went with an Astra with 5-speed tranny and no options whatsoever, then it would be cheaper than the Aura. At that point, if that was my budget limit, then it wouldn't be spent on an Astra ... plently of better cars for the money out there.
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