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Default '99 SC1 Shifter Linkage

Hey Guys,

Well, I was pulling away from a traffic light yesterday, and went to grab second. Instead of going into gear, I felt a small amount of resistance, then I think I heard something metallic fall out from under my car onto the road. After that, second was nowhere to be found. Same with fourth, and reverse. It didn't make any extremely terrible noises, or any of that stuff, but second, fourth, and reverse were gone. I can move the stick between them easily, skipping the in-between gears, and the car behaves like its in neutral ('cause it is...). I turned the car off to see if it was a syncro maybe, but the problem remained.

So, I busted out the Chiltons manual, and decided to take a look at the shifter and selector cables. I took out the center console, removed the shift assembly, disconnected the cables, and removed the detent holder. Everything looked alright, so I bolted it back together and jacked the car up.

I found where the selector and shifter cable go into the transmission, and discovered that one of the cables was out of its bracket/holder. With no resistance to hold the cable, I figure this is reason I can't get into those other gears.

My problem is that I can't see an easy way to get the metal housing of the cable back into its bracket. I'd probably just send it to the dealership, but its an hour away, and I don't have a whole lot of spare time. If any of you guys know how I could fix this in an afternoon or less, I would be ridiculously grateful. I've never had to work on this car, so I'm pretty unfamiliar with it. I do see where the cable housing needs to be though, just don't see how to easily get it there (It seems like the sort of thing that should never come out).

Any help you guys can provide would be greatly appreciated,

Thanks Guys,


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